Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan!

This is my very first attempt to write a blog. This was due since ages !
Here goes my first post...

                   'Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan'

It has been a year and a half  in a place full of energy  called "MUMBAI". I don't know a lot about Mumbai, but just enough to post about it. I started my Career from Mumbai. Coming from a small town called 'Nagpur' , my very first visit to  Mumbai to which I was an absolute stranger was indeed difficult. To be honest, it was a mixed feeling when I got my job location. I was excited, happy,  a little nervous and apprehensive all at the same time. Like most of the people coming here for the first time I cribbed about the city initially. 
This post is basically for those who think Mumbai  is not an ideal place to live in, or for those who think this city is way too crowded to survive. This post is my token of love to the "CITY OF DREAMS" as they say.
When you move to a city like Mumbai, first thing people ask you "Life is very fast there , isn't it?".
I don't know why people ask that. Office, College, School timings in Mumbai is same as in the other cities. Then why tag the city of being "FAST". I have to travel from my home to Station by auto , then  board a local train and finally a Taxi to office. Its not only my story, majority of my colleagues do the same. But again, that doesn't make the city "Fast". The only thing is the city keeps you on your toes!. You have to plan out things you have to do.
Then you have people saying 'Mumbai is too crowded ya'. I just wonder , which metro city isn't crowded?.This city fulfills the dreams of many , if not all. You have people coming from all parts of the country to Mumbai. The city doesn't disappoint !, it has something or the other for everyone.
Awesome food, the pubs, the clubs, the bars, the solace of walking during the rains at Marine Drive, the pleasure of holding hands with your partner and enjoying a romantic evening at Juhu Chowpatty, Mumbai has given everyone something to crave for.
Needless to say, I am in Love with this city, and I feel blessed having got an opportunity to live here.
That's about it,  My overwhelming experiences can continue, for now I wish you farewell..