Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mera Pehla Kaam!

I completed my first year at job.... *elated*
Yeah I love my job (Although my boss doesn't subscribe for this blog) but still....
Looking back I have a lot of good and bad memories behind me .This is just the post to express it all!

Lets see what I have learnt in the past year....
Apart from Microsoft Excel and Word, I have learnt a few more things!
I have learnt abbreviations FYI, PFA, EOD, TGIF, FYA, RIC... I have learnt "If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0". The saying " Karam karta ja fal ki chinta mat kar " is not applicable in IT industry. No matter how long you have been resolving an issue, there's always a guy who comes at your desk every now and then, gives that weird look and asks "Status kya hai??".
Questions like "Sir Leave ke baare me baat karni hai..." "Can I Leave early today ?" are very sensitive and should only be asked depending upon the mood of your boss. You may sit idle all day and think of going early.. an issue will arise just about the time when you decide to leave for the day. Pretending to work is a skill.

Team parties are not meant for gelling with colleagues, its an unofficial way of screwing you. Filling documents like "Performance management","Goal Setting" are the most boring things in the world. I would prefer creating a fake matrimonial profile instead. Fake Laugh when your boss cracks a joke is a compulsion. Its called 'work laugh'. Handsome salary is a Myth.
My respect for weekends has increased. My excitement for weekends is the same as a newly wed groom waits for his first night. There are days when I crib about my work and there are days when I have to literally drag myself out of my bed, fake a shower and rush to office just to save that one privilege/sick leave.
Here's wishing myself happy work anniversary!!