Sunday, March 24, 2013

Todavía te extraño

I believe Poems express feelings ... just as Music...
This is for someone I knew.....although she may not even read it....
I always try to convince myself that I don't miss you
And ask myself do you miss me too?
But I know  it doesn't matter cos it was  me who was being  silly
It was never your fault really...
All the times we spent together
To hear you talk about the  beautiful weather
I miss your smile
every once in a while....

A small conversation with you would make my day
Its so difficult to realise that you are away!
Was it love or just infatuation?
Well it just defines my dismal situation...
I'm thinking back on what happened in the past
It's true that time is flying by too fast
Wished the days never passed
Those wonderful memories still last...

Missing you is insane
Cos I know it will never be the same
I thought that things like these get better with time
But why is it that you are still in my mind...
I feel helpless so hopeless
Its like a door that never closes
I tried to move on, well that's what I thought I was supposed to
Still expect that u  miss me too, but you know u really don't need to...
I know its  simple to drop a text or to make a call
But there's something that's holding me back on
May be you moved on....or may be you are trying to
That doesn't stop me from missing you...
That's about everything I would like to say...
just remember forever in my heart you will stay!!