Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keep The Child Within You Alive!

I often hear people saying that they want their childhood back. Why do we want our childhood back?. Perhaps as we grow up we tend to forget of  how to be happy with smallest of things or events. The most attractive aspect is the carefree attitude, innocence and simplicity we notice in children.

As a responsible adult we enter some sort of a rat race and we ourselves don't have any idea about the milestone we want to achieve that will indeed make us happy. Its only in childhood we are curious about each and every thing. This curiosity diminishes with time...
Children are happy because they do what they think is right and makes them happy. Most of us are engaged in doing things that pleases others rather than doing things that we enjoy doing. They are happy because they enjoy the present. Also as a child, I remember how easily we forgive and forget after petty quarrels.
Here's a list of things, which I find that can make us childlike happy! :
i) Enjoying the rains
ii) Dancing like no one's watching
iii) Meeting your old friends
iv) Doing things that delight us even if they seem foolish to others
v) Living in the present
vi) Staying curious
vii) Forgive and forget just like a child does...
Whenever you read this post, do ask yourself a question "Is the child within me alive?".