Monday, May 13, 2013


Thank You Maa....
For all the care you have given us all these years,
For the unconditional LOVE,
For  making us confident to face the world,
For being our first teacher,
For being patient with us,
For being our friend,
For all the yummy food...
For the awesome stories and lullabies,
For all the scolding and rebuke that only made us better,
For the courage that enables us to stand  independent,
For all the sacrifices you made to raise us,
For the late night Tea during our exams,
For all the dreams  we shared, tears and laughter too..
We Love you Maa with all our heart, there's no one like you!
 I wish I could  tell you how much you mean to me..But there are not enough words to express..  I hope you understand.... I know you will..
 Wishing every Mom a very Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Open Letter To Rapist(s)

Dear.....?? No way!

You deserve to die! ... You’re not human that’s for sure. Its only because the judicial system in our country is such, you get away with these crimes. When I say crimes, molesting is even worse than terrorism, that's because a terrorist attack kills people once, but molestation kills a woman every day and every minute.  Perhaps you're lucky bas***ds you were born in India where there is no provision of law for castration or bobbitization (I fail to understand why there isn't).
I am sure you would definitely visit  a temple and bow in front of Goddesses’. Why do you do that when you have no respect for women? You have put mankind to shame. What do you think  you have done? Is it something to boast for?  Does it depict your   masculinity? When you think of doing this heinous crime to someone's kid, think of your own daughter.

A death sentence won’t be good, that would be an easy death. You should be put in a cage with a tiger or something like that.  How about chopping off   that organ of yours? 

It’s high time now; people like you won’t be let off. I hope after reading this your guilty conscience won’t let you live freely. May you burn in hell forever.

Wishing you well in hell,

An Angry Indian.