Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Meal To Remember! - THE LUNCHBOX

The Lunchbox is a short, simple and unique love story which makes you cry and smile as well. The story is about two individuals who form a connection due to a rare mistake by Dabbawalas in delivering the lunch box. Cast includes  Irfan Khan (as Saajan Fernandes) a lonely middle aged widower, Nimrat Kaur (Ila) a young, beautiful neglected housewife, Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Aslam) a talkative orphan, who is suppose to replace Saajan in his position when he retires.
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Also an interesting character played by Bharti Achrekar, who plays a neighbor to Ila. Although she is nowhere to be seen in the movie (she has only given a voice over), her voice is so refreshing that it made me remember the good old ‘Wagle Ki Dunia’ days!.
A wrong delivery by Dabbawala results in dabba being delivered to Saajan instead of Ila’s husband. This initiates exchange of letters (via the luncbox) between Ila and Saajan which continues to build interest as the story progresses. In an age of email & mobile it is a pleasant surprise how well the movie plot was build around an era of letter writing. You just wish to go back to that time.
All the three actors Irfan, Nimrat and Nawazuddin soar with tremendous acting skills. They are like ocean of talents. The scenes depicted in the Mumbai local train are so realistic, one can easily relate to them. The background music of the film is phenomenal. The Dialogues were long but had a lot of depth; some of the dialogues are worth cherishing for a long time.
“Sometimes a wrong train can take you to the right destination”
“Life is busy these days; everybody wants what others already have”.
This film in no way looks like a debut of director Ritesh Batra. He has paid attention to tiny details and has crafted them beautifully. The film is very much different and gives you a break from the usual bollywood masala movies.
‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. This movie proved it!....  This is undoubtedly a movie to be treasured. So many emotions are wonderfully blended that you just can’t keep your eyes off.