Saturday, March 21, 2015

STOP Judging!

This is something I have been closely observing for quite long. Wherever you go, you will find some people who judge you without knowing anything atbout you. They judge you for everything and anything you do even if it’s not of their concern. Let’s face it, everybody judges someone or the other. But the kind of assumptions few of them make is gross.

These people will go down to any level to demoralize you.  Rumors about you are taken very seriously.  Each step you take is judged.

Girls being judged by the clothes they wear or the level of friendliness they have with the opposite sex. "Hey look she seems overfriendly with guys!”
Oh really? Who are you to judge?  Is there a scale to measure how friendly can a girl be with a guy?

If a guy doesn't spend much and prefers saving his money, "Look he is a miser"...If he spends a lot, "Look he is a spoilt brat!" Do you even know his side of story? Do you know him well to judge him?

Stop assuming things about people you meet. Try to find something positive in them rather than just pointing out mistakes and judging them without even understanding the situation. Be a little less obsessed about how others live their life and be a little more concerned about your life. Nobody is perfect, nobody has to be!. So before you judge try being in their shoes!

This quote is just about everything I want to convey,

"Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you!"