Saturday, April 4, 2015

Being alone not lonely!!

So many expectations to bear..
So much to do, hell lot of  pressure to deal with
Over and over again,
Deadlines, dreams at stake..
You reach a certain point where you need a break..
Solitude is all you need...
Being alone - is - not - being  - lonely!!
How often do you unplug??
Unplug from the everyday hullabaloo..
When was the last time that you took time out only for you?
And did something just for yourself.
With your perspective that doesn't involve anyone else?
The question is how to be alone?
Start Simple..
Take yourself for dinner..
A hobby will find you peace and salvation..
A coffee shop a library a movie..
Then there is transportation to see a lot of places...
A prayer or meditation...
Being alone doesn't have a negative connotation!!  
Being alone tells you who you really are..
It will energize you and bring you back refreshed..
It’s only the idea of being alone scares a lot of people...
Experience it ..
Embrace it!..
Because if you are happy in your head ..
Then solitude is blessed and alone is okay!