Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Year is about to end. This year has been one of the most important year of my life. Time passed in a whisker...absolutely no idea how things changed so rapidly.

It has been a year of  celebrations, happiness and joy, glimpse of sadness and fights. I have been lucky enough to make two friends this year whom I never imagined to be friends with. I  take this opportunity to thank everyone who has affected my life in some way or the other, for  all the small things that I would have failed to notice. Yes I have been silly, I  had days which I would like to forget, some misunderstandings, some confusions. I would surely like to fix things up pretty soon.  

Well, I am not good at wishing people ( A happy new year, health wealth and blah blah ....) Let me just cut it short 'Lets make this year more interesting, more than ever ....'


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Journey Called Life

What is your path in the journey called life?
A thirst for contentment?
Violence and resentment?
Love and laughter?
Money to chase after?
Peace and Harmony?
Greed and gluttony?
Endless curiosity to learn?
Lots of caring and concern?
Spread Happiness all around?
Selfless gestures without any sound?
Its only the path that matters not the destiny...
Cos everything else comes at bay..
All is left for the 'Judgment Day'.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Meal To Remember! - THE LUNCHBOX

The Lunchbox is a short, simple and unique love story which makes you cry and smile as well. The story is about two individuals who form a connection due to a rare mistake by Dabbawalas in delivering the lunch box. Cast includes  Irfan Khan (as Saajan Fernandes) a lonely middle aged widower, Nimrat Kaur (Ila) a young, beautiful neglected housewife, Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Aslam) a talkative orphan, who is suppose to replace Saajan in his position when he retires.
Source Google
Also an interesting character played by Bharti Achrekar, who plays a neighbor to Ila. Although she is nowhere to be seen in the movie (she has only given a voice over), her voice is so refreshing that it made me remember the good old ‘Wagle Ki Dunia’ days!.
A wrong delivery by Dabbawala results in dabba being delivered to Saajan instead of Ila’s husband. This initiates exchange of letters (via the luncbox) between Ila and Saajan which continues to build interest as the story progresses. In an age of email & mobile it is a pleasant surprise how well the movie plot was build around an era of letter writing. You just wish to go back to that time.
All the three actors Irfan, Nimrat and Nawazuddin soar with tremendous acting skills. They are like ocean of talents. The scenes depicted in the Mumbai local train are so realistic, one can easily relate to them. The background music of the film is phenomenal. The Dialogues were long but had a lot of depth; some of the dialogues are worth cherishing for a long time.
“Sometimes a wrong train can take you to the right destination”
“Life is busy these days; everybody wants what others already have”.
This film in no way looks like a debut of director Ritesh Batra. He has paid attention to tiny details and has crafted them beautifully. The film is very much different and gives you a break from the usual bollywood masala movies.
‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. This movie proved it!....  This is undoubtedly a movie to be treasured. So many emotions are wonderfully blended that you just can’t keep your eyes off.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Joy Of Giving..

What is that little thing which makes you happy and joyful?? Is it all the materialistic things like a new Cell, Camera, a Car etc.. May be they make you happy... but these are just momentary!! The real joy I feel ... is the joy of giving. They say God gave you two hands, one to take and the other to give whatever you feel is excess  to you. May be it is something which cannot be learnt and just comes from within.

This one incident I remember , when I was going back home from office. I reached near CST, I was attracted by the savor from nearby Vada Pao Center. I grabbed a Vada Pao and was about to leave to catch a local. Just about then a handicapped young man, stood in front of me and pleaded, "10 rupae de do saab , do  din se khana nai khaya". I was a little hesitant to give money  to this man ,because I wasn’t sure whether he will buy food or just waste it in some nuisance. For a moment I thought may be I should buy him something to eat, but then I gave 10 Rs  and said "Khana hi khana". He took the 10 Rs, went to the stall bought a Vada Pao with that 10 Rs. He looked at me and smiled. His smile was reflecting as if  "Look I haven’t wasted the money you gave and thank you for this".
This incident made me very happy, the joy of giving really can’t be expressed in words, it’s something to feel. Of course, only giving money to the needy, isn’t the only way. It’s about kindness, helpfulness, selflessness, service... Education for example is one little gift  that you can give to someone which can transform his life.
Source - Google
Mother Teresa once quoted "Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work”. The question isn’t how much you give, its about how much love you put into giving!..
This video I came across on YouTube, made me cry and inspired me at the same time. A  chef-turned-social worker Narayanan Krishnan works for the most amazing social cause after quitting his job at Taj Hotel. Hope this video inspires you too!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Fraandship" Wala Love!

Some of us have been through this. It’s like "More than Friendship, less than Love". You know him/her since ages, you talk regularly, you hangout, share your secrets, share your agonies, happiness, every little thing you come across.

But.... You are not lovers. You realize that it’s much better to be that way. You spend each day with complete freedom, frankness, no inhibitions and restrictions. Some people term it as "Friendationship". Friendship word may be too casual for this and relationship is not the kind of term to describe it justifiably. Its goes like we fight, we laugh, we talk life philosophies, annoy each other, but yet we always end up back together. People start to talk, ask questions and you assure that you are not lovers.

Not all friendship turns into Love. It only happens in movies and tales. I personally feel it’s a very selfless relation. You know the other person is there to stand by you, absolutely no commitments of any kind.
Of course there's always another  side to it, if one of them is jealous when the other falls for someone else. Irrespective of that, many of us might have experienced such a relation at some point of our life and would easily relate to this post.

PS: This write-up has nothing to do with my personal experience (in case you thought so ;)  )

Saturday, June 29, 2013


We are defined by the decisions we make. Our life shapes the way we mould it. There comes a moment in our lives when we have to choose, which would decide our fate for the rest of our lives. 

Decision making is not that simple and can be a painful event. We don't want to be in such a position! Yet we find ourselves at crossroads, from where only one way we shall chose..the path to our making!


The choices we make may not be the best, but should be perfect. Coz one cannot have everything in life...a lesson learnt!! But then how to identify what suits us perfectly? What is for us and what’s not? And amidst this a choice is made. A choice which scripts our future. What do we choose? A path that's hurdle less.. or a path less travelled! It’s said that if you don’t believe in your choices, you are bound to make a wrong decision. A decision which you might regret.
And there comes a moment when we wish If Only...I could change my decision. But by then, it’s too late! That moment has passed and whats left is the repercussion of the choice we made. 

We always have at least one If only desire within us...if only I could alter the choice I made...if only!! My life would b different...better perhaps..perhaps! We never know. And we might never know, coz that option was rejected. And we are left lamenting. That grudge we hold lifelong.

Life..goes on; even with the wrong choices we opt for! 
Live it..coz life never gives a second chance...If Only!

(PS : Special thanks to  +Karan Jain    for writing this  post! )

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review - ‘The Ineligible Bachelors’

I happened to read a book gifted by my colleague.
Titled "THE (IN) ELIGIBLE BACHELORS" is a debut by writer +Ruchita Misra .The title of the book is as attractive as the cover...
The cover is very well designed and goes with plot of the book.

The story revolves around "Kasturi" who is the protagonist. So what is it about? Just another love story? Not really...It’s far more than that. It’s about FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, TRUST, FAMILY and a lot of twist and turns.
Kasturi is a MBA graduate, single and 24. Her mother wants her to get married to a well settled, rich, suitable guy, an arranged marriage to be precise. Her mother’s hunt for a son in law begins with Ads in the news paper, a profile on SHAADI.com. 
Soon Kasturi joins a company in Delhi. She makes new friends, ANANYA, a tomboy & VARUN, a nerd and a gossip monger. She continues to meet random guys in Delhi solely because she cannot say ‘NO’ to her mother and gives up to her emotional blackmail every time.
She meets a number of guys and is horrified with her experiences. Among all, she meets Purva who is a doctor, a shy and decent guy and a lot different from others. Although she never thinks about him  that way, he lands up every now and then to help her in difficult situations.
She finds her job very interesting. Although most of the time she keeps making PPT's. Story builds up when Kasturi falls madly in love with her boss Mr. RAJEEV MEHOTRA. Rajeev is young, energetic, intelligent and a very good looking Punjabi guy. The romantic dinner, hangouts, chit chats, messaging, conversations between the two keeps you holding on to the book.
 Kasturi reveals her relationship with Rajeev  to her family. Her mother disapproves Rajeev because he is not a Brahmin. The story takes a big turn where Kasturi is dumb founded. She is unable to take the most important decision of her life. Will she make the right decision? Does she get out of the chaos?
The book is very interesting and has some very witty one liners. One can easily relate to the story and it makes you glued throughout.
Vicarious writing style of the author made me realized that reading this book was time well spent.

Monday, June 3, 2013

First Rains!

Woke up a little late, looking out the clouds were grey,
Seems like rains are on their way,
This is just what I have been waiting for so long,
Reminds me of my favorite song..
"Pani Da Rang Vekh Ke, Akhiyaa Jo Anju Rul De!"
It rained....
The pitter patter of raindrops,
The thunderstorms,
The smell of rains (Petrichor)
The sound of clouds roar,
I feel so fresh,
I feel ecstatic,
The surrounding is so aromatic.
As I gaze at the sky when it rains,
As blood flows through my veins,
I wonder what makes Mother Nature so beautiful,
In spite of the world being so dreadful.
Another reason to have coffee,
Another reason to dance,
Another reason to romance...
Rains are not just droplets of water,
It's  a sign of change
A sign of growth,
With flowers blooming,
A bliss to earth..
And when it all stopped
There was silence all around,
A new day arrived,
With scorching Sun...
Perhaps, it's God's way of showing me "THATS LIFE SON!"

Monday, May 13, 2013


Thank You Maa....
For all the care you have given us all these years,
For the unconditional LOVE,
For  making us confident to face the world,
For being our first teacher,
For being patient with us,
For being our friend,
For all the yummy food...
For the awesome stories and lullabies,
For all the scolding and rebuke that only made us better,
For the courage that enables us to stand  independent,
For all the sacrifices you made to raise us,
For the late night Tea during our exams,
For all the dreams  we shared, tears and laughter too..
We Love you Maa with all our heart, there's no one like you!
 I wish I could  tell you how much you mean to me..But there are not enough words to express..  I hope you understand.... I know you will..
 Wishing every Mom a very Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Open Letter To Rapist(s)

Dear.....?? No way!

You deserve to die! ... You’re not human that’s for sure. Its only because the judicial system in our country is such, you get away with these crimes. When I say crimes, molesting is even worse than terrorism, that's because a terrorist attack kills people once, but molestation kills a woman every day and every minute.  Perhaps you're lucky bas***ds you were born in India where there is no provision of law for castration or bobbitization (I fail to understand why there isn't).
I am sure you would definitely visit  a temple and bow in front of Goddesses’. Why do you do that when you have no respect for women? You have put mankind to shame. What do you think  you have done? Is it something to boast for?  Does it depict your   masculinity? When you think of doing this heinous crime to someone's kid, think of your own daughter.

A death sentence won’t be good, that would be an easy death. You should be put in a cage with a tiger or something like that.  How about chopping off   that organ of yours? 

It’s high time now; people like you won’t be let off. I hope after reading this your guilty conscience won’t let you live freely. May you burn in hell forever.

Wishing you well in hell,

An Angry Indian.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lord Turns 40

I need not write his name in the post's title. That’s because anyone who will read the title would already know about whom I wrote this post. He's the GOD of cricket, the living Legend "SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR". He turned 40 today, and when we say 40 its 'young 40'. Sachin Tendulkar is the name that every sportsperson wants to be, a name every Indian loves to love, a name renowned in all parts of the world.

When I started joting down points for this post, I realised that no matter how much I write about him, it won’t be enough. I won’t be emphasizing about feats (and stats) of Sachin as a cricketer, instead I would focus on how he has been an inspiration throughout.

Sachin was just 16 when he became India's youngest Test cricketer in 1989. He has been a role model of Indian cricket for 23 years now. His accomplishments in Cricket are remarkable. As the youngest cricketer he started his career against Pakistan, which had one of the most lethal bowling attack comprising of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar  Younis. Right from his very first tour, he showed signs of a master.

What makes Sachin a Legend? Talent? Not really. In a speech at IIM A, Harsha Bhogle explained why attitude matters and not talent giving Sachin's example. Here's a gist of it "Talent breeds ego and never helps you beyond a certain point. It’s what you do with the talent that matters. Sachin played 55 games in a row as a 14 year old without a break, he would practice for 2 hrs, play a game, practice 2 hrs again, fall asleep on the dining table. It’s not talent that produced 100 hundreds. It his work ethic, attitude and more than anything else his passion to perform."
When we talk about Sachin it’s not only about a cricketer who has served India for years but also a great human being. He is source of motivation for all the youngsters. In spite of his great achievements he has always been down to earth and humble.

He refused to accept the bungalow entitled to him as Rajya Sabha member, saying such a stay would be a waste of taxpayer's money. Sachin, an idol to crores of youths showed that he is a responsible citizen of the society and stuck to his principles by rejecting a 20 crore endorsement deal of a liquor brand. He is looking after welfare of 200 underprivileged children from the NGO called Apnalaya. Sachin has been the campaign’s brand ambassador for Support My School campaign which aims at the betterment of water, sanitation and infrastructural provisions for schools across India.

I have a fond memory of Sharjah Cup, when India were on an important run chase, Damien Fleming appealed for a caught-behind which the umpire did not acknowledge but Sachin walked off the field. Its incidents like these that earn him respect from everybody.

Sachin, who was 26 at the time when his father passed away, was struck by a shock of his father’s untimely death during the 1999 World Cup in England. Three days later, he made an unbeaten 140 runs off 101 balls against Kenya. He always looks towards the sky after reaching a milestone to seek his father’s blessings.

Age is never a factor for Sachin, he continues to devote his life for India. Bharat Ratna is for those Indians who make India proud. Sachin for last 23 years doing the same quite well, hence truly deserves the award.

Here's wishing the MASTER BLASTER   A Very Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sanjay Dutt Trial

It has been two decades since a series of 13 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai. On 19 April 1993 Sanjay Dutt was convicted for illegal possession arms, under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA).
He spent 18 months in jail until he was granted bail in October 1995. In 2006 the case opened for sentencing of all accused, Dutt was finally acquitted of any TADA-related offenses but was charged under the illegal possession of arms act. On 21 March 2013, The Supreme Court upheld the conviction of actor to serve jail for 5 years.
Reactions flooded from all parts of the country. Some were shocked; some were in favour of conviction. Politicians, media, film industry, fans all joined in to form their respective opinions. Press Council of India chief Justice Markandey Katju has appealed to Maharashtra Governor Sankarnarayanan to pardon the actor.
I would like to put my point of view forward. Irrespective of whether I am a fan of Sanjay Dutt or not, I feel he must NOT be pardoned for this crime. By feeling "sorry" for Sanjay Dutt I think we are just ignoring the gravity of charges against him. He confessed to have acquired arms from Anees Ibrahim, the younger brother of Dawood Ibrahim. The police claimed that several phone records showed that Sanjay Dutt was in constant touch with Anees, even making calls to Anees's number at White House Dubai.
There are many Political and film fraternity supporters of Sanjay Dutt, however not a single voice came in support for 75-years-old ZaibunnisaQazi, who is also sentenced for five years for keeping the weapons.
Also we fail to understand that whatever he performs in his films is his reel life. We can appreciate his performances but cannot draw an analogy between his reel and real life. Basically the problem is, people are relating his larger than life role in 'Munnabhai MBBS' to his real life. If that's the case, he also played villainous roles in Khalnayak, Vaastav, Agneepath and so on... doesn't make sense to relate, right?.
Also, they say he has suffered a lot during these 20 years and in a way it was a punishment for him that the trial took so many years of his life. There are many convicts who have undergone the same, several who were waiting for their chance to come. If Sanjany Dutt has a family to look after, everybody else has, except for the fact others may not have the financial and political backing.
I am not saying he should be given an extraordinary punishment, but a punishment which a common man would have got for this crime.
PS : The views in this post belongs completely to me. You can say it’s just "THE WAY I SEE IT".

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wish I Could Fly!

Wish I could fly high!
Roam around in the empty sky....
Only peace shall I find...
Leaving all the delusions behind...
I would fly all day...
Blissful and gay..
I would fly around the tress...
Say a HELLO to Honey Bees..
The rainbow so clear ..
The Sun so near...
Expressing joy and nothing to fear..
Free in the clouds..
Where happiness knew no bounds...
Freedom is all I want ...
With Beautiful wings to flaunt..
Wish to be away from worries and cares..
Scared of parting from Dears..
Wish I could touch the stars at night...
With the moon by my side...
Wish I could reach the highest altitude
Hope to find the desired solitude..
What a relief it would be ...
In the sky and a feeling of glee...
It would be so wonderful to fly all the time...
Perhaps dreaming  about it made me write this rhyme!