Saturday, April 4, 2015

Being alone not lonely!!

So many expectations to bear..
So much to do, hell lot of  pressure to deal with
Over and over again,
Deadlines, dreams at stake..
You reach a certain point where you need a break..
Solitude is all you need...
Being alone - is - not - being  - lonely!!
How often do you unplug??
Unplug from the everyday hullabaloo..
When was the last time that you took time out only for you?
And did something just for yourself.
With your perspective that doesn't involve anyone else?
The question is how to be alone?
Start Simple..
Take yourself for dinner..
A hobby will find you peace and salvation..
A coffee shop a library a movie..
Then there is transportation to see a lot of places...
A prayer or meditation...
Being alone doesn't have a negative connotation!!  
Being alone tells you who you really are..
It will energize you and bring you back refreshed..
It’s only the idea of being alone scares a lot of people...
Experience it ..
Embrace it!..
Because if you are happy in your head ..
Then solitude is blessed and alone is okay!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

STOP Judging!

This is something I have been closely observing for quite long. Wherever you go, you will find some people who judge you without knowing anything atbout you. They judge you for everything and anything you do even if it’s not of their concern. Let’s face it, everybody judges someone or the other. But the kind of assumptions few of them make is gross.

These people will go down to any level to demoralize you.  Rumors about you are taken very seriously.  Each step you take is judged.

Girls being judged by the clothes they wear or the level of friendliness they have with the opposite sex. "Hey look she seems overfriendly with guys!”
Oh really? Who are you to judge?  Is there a scale to measure how friendly can a girl be with a guy?

If a guy doesn't spend much and prefers saving his money, "Look he is a miser"...If he spends a lot, "Look he is a spoilt brat!" Do you even know his side of story? Do you know him well to judge him?

Stop assuming things about people you meet. Try to find something positive in them rather than just pointing out mistakes and judging them without even understanding the situation. Be a little less obsessed about how others live their life and be a little more concerned about your life. Nobody is perfect, nobody has to be!. So before you judge try being in their shoes!

This quote is just about everything I want to convey,

"Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you!"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

We have Moved!


Find us at .. In fact  even if you type the old URL you will be redirected automatically. We  promise to come up with better content and put forward our perspective to stuffs in effective style. "WE" because here we  have this whole bunch of creative people who write guest  posts!.

To cut it short .

  •  A new URL.
  • An all new template and layout to the blog coming up soon.
  • More frequent and quality posts.

                                   Happy Reading!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Soldier of Fortune

 I have a lot of stories to tell you,
 The way I live here...
 All without you...
 The stories of mountains and merciless cold..
 The stories that remain untold...

 My voice echoes through the land...
 I am eager to come back...
 To be in your arms and hold your hand

 As I lay back staring at the sky...
 All I could think is of you and me...
 Here I am, alone...
 I close my eyes and think of home....   

'I Miss You' is something that will not suffice to express my feeling...
For the love we possess is fulfilling and healing...
I promise you, I will be there soon...

I so wish there were no guns, no bombs, and wars...
I see bloodshed..dead bodies...
So much agony that  leave a scar..
I am here to serve a purpose...
Refered as a protector of land..

I guess I will always be....


(This poem is inspired from the song 'Soldier of fortune' by Deep Purple)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

You only need ONE!

Yes! You need only that one person whom you can share your feelings with!!.
Of course you have your parents, siblings each and every time, but there are some things in your life or in your mind which you cannot always share with your family, may be because you think your sorrow will affect them, or it will unnecessarily bother them. You always draw a line of what things you share with them for such reasons.
So... the first thing that crops our mind is whom do we choose for being that one person?
Let’s see... BFF? Girl/boyfriend etc.?.. Well. It totally depends on you.. I hear people saying 'you meet the best people in your school or college life'. If you ask me, I met some of the best people in my professional life too. That person is not someone you can choose based on gender, age, distance. or your relationship with him/her...It’s like 'OK, you are the one who has seen me at my best as well as at my worst or you are the one whom I can trust upon and I have spent enough time around you or I have felt that level of comfort with you which I've never felt with anyone before!'. There you are!! This is the ONE!!!
The only thing here important is "understanding". You will have plenty of people around giving you random advices, judging you... But this person will listen to you and understands you. Half of your problems will vanish if you have someone who listens to you and doesn't blatantly judge you for your actions.
This is someone you can really rely upon when you find yourself down and out. The reason I stress upon just ONE person is... it’s difficult to trust people with your life these days... I am trying not to sound pessimistic or  misanthrope... Actually, it takes a lot of time to finally realize that this is the one I was searching for. Some people can very easily betray you.  You can just put yourself in trouble if that person isn't worthy enough to share everything in your life.It kind of becomes risky, because that person knows your dark secrets too ;)
I wrote this post keeping in mind the person whom I consider my "ONE"... Finding that "ONE"   has truly changed a part of my life. If you already know your ‘ONE’, there's nothing more marvelous than that, if you don’t, I hope you figure out that someone pretty soon!! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Love isn't perfect...
It's not a story book nor a fairy tale,
It’s not measurable as with a scale..
Love isn't about being cheesy...
Love doesn't come easy...

Love isn't about possession and belonging..
Love is about  longing...

Love is kind
Love is unconditional
Love is endless, it defies age..
Love is not something which can be trapped as in a cage..

Love is about selfless care..
Love is about the tiniest details which you like to share....

Love isn't a game...
Love is like a flower in the summer rain, 
It sparkles bright...
Even though your day was bad... 
Still it seems so right! 

Love is about the way you express.
You just cannot expect someone to guess!..
Love is about actions not just words..
For it cannot be defined but simply felt!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No Goodbyes... Always by your side....

   It’s heart breaking when you have to leave a place..   
Especially when you spent so much time with someone.
It's only when we realize how much habitual we've become!!
So much we shared, so much we laughed, So much we cared...
 We have to part ways.. That’s Life they say.
 Nothing remains the same they say..
Well .. I don’t agree with way!
  I Believe...
Distance won’t matter in our case...
For the affection we embrace....
It has been truly amazing and it will always be...
We had the best time of our lives... didn't we?
  I assure you ..Good bye is not 'THE END'
                 It means 'Take care.. till we meet again!'

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Conversation With A Taxi Driver

I was on my way to my office from CST. I took a taxi, usually I go for a shared taxi for which I have to stand in a long queue, but as I was getting late I took the
Meter one.

I could recognize from his attire that he was a Muslim. Specifically because he was wearing a round cap (Kufi, they call it). He was quite old, in his 50's I suppose. As soon as I entered the taxi, he asked me the time, I told him its 10 am. He said he was in a hurry, he had to reach by noon at Dongri for his daily namaz.
Just out of curiosity I asked "Do you offer Namaz daily?" He said "Yes, of course". "Infact I offer Namaz daily 5 times right from  5  in the morning to 11 at night". "Some people don't follow it 5 times a day" I said. "They don't understand Allah, He created the universe, of all the creatures, human being is the superior, and it’s only us who have all the comforts and are the luckiest ones. Some people don't realize this. They fail to thank Allah, Wo log "KAFIR"(disbeliever) hote hai. "But what if for some reason you miss to offer namaz?" I asked." There is prescribed time for each Namaz, even if I missed it at any point of time, I have to resume and complete it the next time, there are no excuses". "But why do you have to do it 5 times???" " Each Namaz is important, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness".

This conversation was quite interesting. Unfortunately I reached my destination and had to go...I so wished that this conversation could go on.. I have some things to take away from this conversation :

i) Feel blessed and know that you are in the comfort of God
ii) Prayer can make you  feel joy in the presence of all mighty
iii) While we know we are a creation of God, we must realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God's creation.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Love Sans Technology

Love sans technology, sounds weird, but it actually made me think how technology changed the definition of love. In todays world we have a lot of ways to communicate, right from SMS, Whatsapp, Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and so on..


You will find people writing just about everything on their social networking profile, be it very personal or embarrassing. Whatsapp rings more frequently than temple bells. You have people flooding Instagram with self obsessed pics.

Imagine a world without all this... No mobile phones, social networking sites, emails. A handwritten letter from your loved one.. would make us feel special. Its an effort and that means something!. The curiosity and excitement would mean so much more than receiving an email or a text msg. Nowadays you have so much of emoticons that can be used in a text chat but still they appear vague and lack feelings. When someone pens down his/her feelings  the true sentiments come out. Its like pouring your heart out on a piece of paper.

There will be no bragging of  relationship status on social networking sites, no more selfies on a date. Just a simple romantic dinner without any calls and random pings. Those silent moments on a date, where you can look into each others eyes rather your mobile phones..

Its not that technology has ruined anything, wish I could I go in the past experience all this! I so wish I had a Time machine!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Things I learned while growing up!

i) Prioritize your family before your friends, it’s your family who will be there besides your death bed.
ii) Flirting is your birth right.  :P
iii) Love what you do; doing what you love may just be an illusion. It is surprisingly rare and special to be   able to make a living doing what you love.
iv) You can count your true friends on your fingertips. If you think you have more, think again.
v) Don’t Give a F**k. Don’t worry about what people will think about you. If you think what others will think then what will others do? :D
vi) No matter how close people are with you, they will hurt you at some point of time. Don’t hold on to grudges, Life is too short for that.
vii) Never ever lose self respect. It’s your greatest asset.
viii) You are young only once. Lots of energy, enthusiasm, make sure you channelize it properly.
ix) Be good, without expecting. Expectations ruin everything. Expect nothing and appreciate everything. The word expectations should not be in your dictionary.
x) You have to earn everything. Career, respect, fulfillment, vacations, money. You just can’t take anything for granted.

From an activist to CM - Story of an AAM AADMI

An IIT-trained mechanical engineer, Kejriwal served the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) in 1995, and resigned  after five years there. You would always expect an IIT-ian to get a lucrative job and be satisfied with it for lifetime. Perhaps he had some other plans.
He wanted a CHANGE. A change in the way the things were.  An urge to do something for the society. If money was of prime importance to him he would not leave his job (seriously who would do this!).

He played an important in bringing RTI, which proved beneficiary for the mass. His activities became famous  in Delhi as well as across the country. It was  Anna Hazare's  campaign which brought Arvind in limelight.

He decided to enter politics - formed 'AAP - Aam Aadmi Party'. Contested Delhi Assembly elections and registered a thumping victory. AAP couldn't get the majority and curiosity spread whether he would sit in the opposition or accept support. Opposition parties stated AK as  a Congress Agent, a liar, a dictator. Despite all this he decided to accept support, enter the dirt with an aim to sweep it away from his broom (as depicted in his party symbol).

Whether he is successful in his stint in politics is something to watch out for,  too early to say that. One thing is for sure, he has the courage to stand , to rebel. The spirit, the confidence he shows is mammoth. I was always under the influence that such things happen in movies only, but he actually proves it wrong. Nobody knows what future brings, but whatever it is, he made other political parties realize that common man cannot be taken for granted, it's high time these political parties should  think beyond their greed of seats. Its a wake up call for them.

Of course it will not be a man show, he will need a lot of support from his party members at all times if he wants to do something that brings about revolution and eliminate corruption. Hope the results are positive and Kejriwal along with his party will bring about the change as promised by them.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Year is about to end. This year has been one of the most important year of my life. Time passed in a whisker...absolutely no idea how things changed so rapidly.

It has been a year of  celebrations, happiness and joy, glimpse of sadness and fights. I have been lucky enough to make two friends this year whom I never imagined to be friends with. I  take this opportunity to thank everyone who has affected my life in some way or the other, for  all the small things that I would have failed to notice. Yes I have been silly, I  had days which I would like to forget, some misunderstandings, some confusions. I would surely like to fix things up pretty soon.  

Well, I am not good at wishing people ( A happy new year, health wealth and blah blah ....) Let me just cut it short 'Lets make this year more interesting, more than ever ....'


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Journey Called Life

What is your path in the journey called life?
A thirst for contentment?
Violence and resentment?
Love and laughter?
Money to chase after?
Peace and Harmony?
Greed and gluttony?
Endless curiosity to learn?
Lots of caring and concern?
Spread Happiness all around?
Selfless gestures without any sound?
Its only the path that matters not the destiny...
Cos everything else comes at bay..
All is left for the 'Judgment Day'.